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Let us take the strain!

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Solo walk, collection and drop

One on one time

Solo walking can be booked if you have a nervous, young or old pet or one which requires individual attention for whatever reason. Aggresive dogs will not be accepted. Dogs can be walked on or off the lead.

Group Walks - Collection & Drop

Fun, fun, fun

Dogs love company and thoroughly enjoy walking and running in a pack. This can be on or off the lead. Your dog needs to be of a friendly character and able to mix with at least three other dogs without feeling upset or becoming aggressive. Your dog will love these walks which will be in various places and will provide them with fresh air and great exercise.

Pet Visits / Holiday Feeding/Let Outs

Safe and secure at home

There are always those times when you just need someone to pop in and feed your pet or let them out to go to the toilet. This is a service we can provide without stress or worry. If you need to pop out for a couple of hours, we would be happy to sit in your home with your pet to keep them company or to keep an eye on their cheeky antics. Please enquire.

Any question is a good question. Please ask!

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